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Bids due in 12 days
6/12/20 1:30 pm
City of Waukegan - Police Station Interior Renovations
Kluber Architects & Engineers
101 North West Street Waukegan, IL 60085
The Owner will receive bids for the interior renovation of the lower level of the existing Police Station. The Work will include: Minor Interior Demolition, glass block masonry, masonry, doors and hardware, sceince casework and countertops, drywall and acoustical, finishes, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire suppression and IT work
Bidding Closed
5/20/20 1:30 pm
Midlothian Public Library
Kluber Architects & Engineers
14701 S. Kenton Ave Midlothian, Illinois 60445
The Owner will receive sealed bids for the renovation of an existing library building envelope and associated site work. The Work will include: select demolition, new aluminum storefront and curtainwall system, translucent skylight and wall panels, landscpaing, site concrete, site improvements, site restoration, EPDM re-roofing and masonry. Work will also include select electrical equipment disconnects and re-connects, automatic entry doors, turf irrigation, site fencing, doors and hardware, floor finishes, excavation and interior and exterior painting.
Bidding Closed
5/22/20 1:30 pm
City of Waukegan Public Works Fuel Station Improvements
Kluber Architects & Engineers
1700 North McAree Road Waukegan, IL 60085
The owner will receive bids for the removal and replacement of the existing fueling station at the City of Waukegan Public Works Facility. The Work will include: Demolition, excavation, sitework, asphalt and concrete paving, pavement striping, fuel island, canopy, fuel pump and all associated equipment, drywall, acoustic, doors & frames, electical, low voltage and security systems.
Bidding Closed
4/28/20 11:00 am
Rosary High School - Stem/Science Wing Renovation
Kluber Architects & Engineers
901 N Edgelawn Dr Aurora, IL 60506
The owner will receive bids for the construction of STEM/Science Laboratories. The work will include: Demolition of existing walls, doors, ceilings and casework. Construction of new flooring, ceilings, light fixtures, science casework, fume hoods, specialty items, plumbing, and electrical
City of Bloomington – Grossinger Motor Arena – LED Lighting Upgrade
Kluber Architects & Engineers
109 East Olive Street, Bloomington, IL 61701
Bidding Closed
5/21/20 1:30 pm
City of Waukegan - City Hall Security Improvements
Kluber Architects & Engineers
100 N. Martin Luther King Jr. Ave, Waukegan, IL 60085
The Owner will receive bids for the interior renovation of the existing City Hall.
Bidding Closed
2/18/20 10:00 am
Wheatland Elementary School - Roof Replacement
Kluber Architects & Engineers
2290 Barrington Drive, West Aurora, IL 60503
The Owner will receive bids for the construction of Wheatlands Elementary School Re-Roofing.
Bidding Closed
1/6/20 3:00 pm
District 308 Replacements - Old Post / Bednarcik / Thompson
Kluber Architects & Engineers
Various Locations - See Info
The Owner will receive bids for the construction of Chiller Replacements.